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Here’s the plan: this summer, we will climb the tallest peaks in six states: northern California, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Wyoming await us. Along the way, we will be stopping in the small towns that surround these mountains and hearing the stories of the people that make up the communities. Our goal is to share our journey and the voices of all those we meet to inspire others to live life to the fullest.

Our funding will go towards:

  • Camera/technical equipment
  • Transport/gas
  • Mountaineering equipment/guiding
  • Food

Small Towns to Summits would absolutely not be possible without the help of all of YOU! Because the length / depth of our journey will depend on the amount of funds we receive, there are a few different options for the level of support you are able to offer.

Absolutely any monetary or other creative donation possible. We understand more than anyone that even if you’re as passionate about this idea as we are, it may still just be impossible to give more than $5. Every single donation will be so incredibly appreciated. No matter how big or small, we will include the name of every single donor in both the final written version and the documentary of our project.

We also understand that there is so much support we can receive from our communities that do not include any money.

Non-monetary donations that will still help us an incredible amount are things like:

  • Offering us any technical support
  • Helping us out with lodging if we may be passing through your town
  • Helping us design / create any logos, apparel, designs, etc.
  • Any creative ideas that you may have!

Click to view our GoFundMe!

Level One Donor: Day-Hiker

If you donate $175 or more, we will include you in our project every single step of the way. From each town that we visit, you will be receiving personalized postcards from us, as well as stickers and other goodies that we will be making. This is an opportunity to really feel involved in our entire journey and feel like you’re right there on the road with us!

This level of donation is absolutely essential in helping us with gas / food / other living expenses. Small Towns to Summits would not be possible without those who help contribute to make sure that we’re fed and housed while on the road. 🙂 These donors will also be highlighted in our final video and written products.

Become a Day Hiker here!

Level Two Donor: Backpacker

With a donation of over $500, you will both have access to everything included in the Day Hiker level as well as the first and personalized copies of our final products. In addition to food, travel, and living expenses – donations of this size will make a substantial difference in how well we are able to equip ourselves both for the ambitious climbs as well as the making of our visual and written products.

Become a Backpacker here!

Level Three Donor: Mountaineer

For donations of $1,000 or more, you can become an official sponsor of one of our expeditions. Each place we visit will include both an ambitious mountaineering trip as well as a written blog post / short media clips. For those who sponsor our climbs, we’ll feature your story in both our blog and vlog for that week.

These sponsors will be crucial in ensuring that we will have proper equipment and guides for each of the hikes and necessary camera equipment to capture the experiences. Becoming a mountaineer level donor and sponsoring one of our towns will also give you access to the postcards and other surprises included in level two, as well as the first copies of all our final products. After a donation of this size we will personally reach out so we can figure out exactly which trip you will be sponsoring – we look forward to all of our future collaborations!

Become a mountaineer here!

Part of what makes our project so unique is that it will necessarily involve our communities. The fact that we will be helped by those we love and admire means that our time on the road will be fueled by community support. Small Towns to Summits is not only our project – but yours as well. We can assure that you will feel our gratitude in your assistance and hope that the option to leave a piece of yourselves in this project will be as meaningful for you as it is for us.

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