Climb Your Mountain: Edge x Small Towns to Summits

This last Saturday, the one month countdown to the beginning of our road trip kicked off in the most extraordinary and inspiring way possible. From the very beginning, the power of individuals in communities has been central to Small Towns to Summits. On May 25th we collaborated with Edge Cycle, a brand new spin studio in San Diego, to hold a fundraising event. Jenea Sutton, CEO and Founder of Edge Cycle, guided a full room through a 45 minute ride that challenged us to push past our limits together. Alex and I first learned how to conquer physical limitations that we place upon ourselves at a spin studio together – so hosting this event and climbing our personal mountains on a bike before we set out to summit six peaks perfectly capped our time here in San Diego.

When I first approached Jenea about taking time off and leaving Edge (for the time being), in order to pursue Small Towns to Summits, she immediately suggested that we host a fundraiser. Not only was this a sign that I was working for a business that supports their employees, but it meant that Jenea, a woman who opened her own business at 25, believed in us too. Throughout the ride, she offered so many poetic phrases to motivate us throughout the ride and we couldn’t help but share a few:

"The process sometimes is quite the roller coaster.
You don't realize on the way, maybe you'll meet beautiful people.
Maybe you grow through things that you never thought you could.
But lesson learned, check, you move forward.
Maybe you allow two young women to inspire you on a Saturday afternoon.
If we never realize or check in with where we're at,
then we will never know how far we've come."

In the minutes that our community was in that hot, dark room I felt so overcome with emotion and gratitude for each and every person who was sharing in our project. As we closed out the class in the final sprint, every part of my being on that podium wanted to give up. I envisioned how this push would only help lead me to the top of so many summits over the next few months.

Jenea offered us an unforgettable closing line.

"Remember, this is temporary. 
This is preparing you for that longevity,
that happiness that will not be able to escape you.
That strength that will always be with you.
That opportunity that is ever endless.
The ability to let things flow into your life....
Your life is waiting for you.
Your life is waiting for you.
... and welcome home."

After we stretched and soaked up every last bit of hard work and sweat we left on those bikes, we were able to enjoy products from a few different local vendors! Trust us, if you haven’t been given essential oils and tried an oxygen mask after an intense spin class, that is definitely something to add to your short list.

With Alex coming off her incredible finish at the Bryce Canyon 50k and me finishing up my very last semester of college, the week leading up to the event was absolute chaos. After frantic calls and last minute texts, as soon as Alex walked into the studio on Saturday morning I knew that it had all come together. From the vendors to the riders, each and every person who was in the studio for our event made it so incredibly special. As our final month before hitting the road dwindles down, both of us are absolutely overflowing with love and gratitude for this amazing community we have to support us every step of the way.

If you didn’t get the chance to hop on a bike and contribute to the project on Saturday, there is still almost a month left to help support us before we hit the road! Every contribution matters – our Climb Your Mountain event truly demonstrated that this project isn’t just ours, it belongs to each and every one of you as well.

Click here for a link to our GoFundMe – or Venmo Katie-Kommer-1

Thank you to our vendors:


2 thoughts on “Climb Your Mountain: Edge x Small Towns to Summits

  1. Fabulous recap of an amazing event – I was honored to be a part of it!


    1. we were so happy that you were there!! such a special day 🙂


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