Small Towns to Summits Documentary Update + Feedback Request

Hi friends! As you may have noticed, the work around here has seriously slowed down. The two of us have been caught up with jobs, future planning, and life in general as the post-project months have flown by. We’re starting the spring by jumping back into our content full force, with our eyes on the full documentary. And of course, we first want to know exactly what you think.

We started the project with a few themes in mind, but as the summer wore on, the idea of Small Towns to Summits evolved immensely. Our lives are now filled with mountains of content – spanning more topics and ideas than we could categorize ourselves. To get a better idea of what about our project inspired, motivated, or stuck with you, we created a survey to help launch the creation of our documentary.

From the very beginning, this project has been about our community. So thank you for all of the contribution and support thus far, and thank you in advance for your time with the survey. We seriously cannot wait to get this ball rolling again.

Click here to fill out our survey 🙂

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